Simon Sanders Biog

I started playing guitar at school at the age of 10, before taking up the clarinet at 11, whilst also playing side drum (marching snare) and bugle in the Scouts' marching band. I took up bass guitar at 15, before moving on to drum kit and percussion at 18.

I have been an active musician working with many groups and artistes, since my first live performance as a drummer in 1980.

After starting at Leeds University in 1980, I played drums/percussion with many rock/punk/new-wave/alternative bands in and around Leeds until 1987.

For the ten year period up to May 1997, I worked in partnership with Anita Hurst on the following projects:

1988 Wrote/produced jingles for Yorkshire Television (ITV Telethon), BBC Radio Leeds (Great Northern Rock Show), and various independent video production and animation companies.
1988-89 Wrote/produced/performed 'Atmospheres' - an ambient music project releasing one cassette album and performing at various venues in Yorkshire.
1988-89 Engineering/sound production for two albums by the group 'A C Temple' on Blast First Records (Mute).
1988-90 Co-wrote/produced/performed with 'BushGiants' - ambient music project which incorporates didjeridu. Various live performances including 'Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival'. One album released by the group itself on both cassette and CD in the UK and through Larrikin Records/Jarra Hill Records in Australia.
1989 Co-wrote/produced jingles for 'The MIDI Music Show' for commercial radio advertisements aired in the London area.
1989 Engineering for a 7inch vinyl EP with Len Liggins (Wedding Present)
1990-93 Ran own studio 'E7 Studios' in Forest Gate, East London. Involved in the following projects:
  • 2 Indie/Rock singles
  • Album project for 'The Pretty Things'
  • 'Hot Breaks - Vol I' album project (CSI Records)
  • 2 Jungle singles (De Underground Records)
  • 1 House single (Jolly Records)
  • 1 House single (Cultural Vibe Records/Chill Music)
  • 1 House track on compilation (Theory Records)
  • 3 Techno singles (TEC Records)
  • 1 Hardcore Techno single (Energise 2000)
  • 4 Hardcore Techno singles (Boscaland Records)
  • 1 Hardcore Techno single (Killout Records/Chill Music)
  • 1 Hardcore Techno single (Bash Records, Germany)
  • 6 Hardcore Techno tracks on comp CDs (Arcade, Holland)
  • 1 Hardcore Techno track on comp (Low Spirit, Germany)
  • 1 Industrial Techno album project (Semaphor International)
  • 1 Indie remix project (4AD Records)
  • 2 soundtracks for 16mm animation films
1994-95 Moved own studios to Honor Oak Park, South London - 'SE23 Studios' - involved in the following projects:
  • 3 House singles with Rachel Auburn [Candy Girls] (TEC)
  • 3 Tracks on House compilations (React Records)
  • 1 Track on House compilation (Arcade Records)
  • 1 Track on House compilation (Passion Music)
  • 1 House project with Marshall Jefferson [Detroit] (TEC)
  • 1 House project with Princess Julia [Heaven] (TEC)
  • 1 House Remix project with Pete Wardman (Kiss 100 FM)
  • 1 House Remix project with Blu Peter (Heaven/React)
  • 1 House project with Lawrence Nelson (Sperm Records)
  • 1 House Remix project with Red Jerry (Hooj Choons)
  • 1 Techno project with John Digweed (Vivatonal/Polygram)
  • 3 Techno singles (H.O.S. Records)
  • 4 Hardcore Techno singles (Crowd Control Records)
  • 1 Trance Techno single (Stay Up Forever Records)
  • 1 Dub Techno single (Total Head Control Records)
  • 1 Dub Techno single (Hypoxia Records/PlasticHead)
  • 1 Dub album project (Hypoxia Records/PlasticHead)
  • 1 Dub Techno track on compilation (Hypoxia Records/PHD)
  • 1 Hardcore Techno track on compilation (Omnisonus Records)
  • 6 Techno tracks on compilation (H.O.S.Records)
  • 1 Hardcore Techno track on compilation (Kickin' Records)
  • 1 soundtrack for 16mm animation film
1996-98 Started own Hardcore Techno record label - 'Crapshoot Records' - with fifteen 12 inch single releases and two compilation albums. Also licensed tracks to other record labels for compilation albums (including Jumpin' & Pumpin'/Passion, F-Communications/FNAC, Earache Records, Deadly Systems and Fairway Records)
1993-97 Various live techno and/or DJ performances at venues throughout the UK and Europe including Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, London, Leeds, Manchester and Glasgow.
1990-95 Freelance engineering/programming/production work at the following studios:
  • Beat Farm Studios (Boundary Row, Waterloo)
  • Falconer Studios (Chalk Farm)
  • Von's Studios (Highbury)
  • Swanyard Studios (Islington)
  • Turning Point (Kent)
  • GCHQ Studios (Camden)
  • Evelyn Studios (Leytonstone)
  • Vivatonal Studios (Kings Cross)
  • H.O.S. Studios (Streatham)
1986-97 Involved in training and consultancy in Audio Technology. Ran private courses in audio technology, working with many manufacturers (including Fostex and Yamaha) and education authorities in the UK.
Worked as a freelance music technology consultant, training many private clients (including audio engineers at Peter Gabriel's 'Real World Studios' and John Burns - producer 'Genesis'), teachers and school/college pupils.
Prepared and delivered courses, lectures and workshops for Huddersfield Technical College, Islington Council (for the ARTEC Technology Workshop) and The School of Audio engineering (Islington), teaching audio production techniques, including recording/mixing, MIDI, sampling, digital audio editing and audio production for visual applications (Multi-media and video).
Wrote technical reviews and articles on audio technology for trade magazines and had many articles published with 'Studio Sound', 'Sound On Sound', 'Audio Media' and 'Sound and Communications Systems' magazines.
1980-97 Extensively involved in all of the design aspects of record releases and music promotion. Early work involved manual design techniques, however, since 1989 was much more active in computer-based design, and website design/coding.
1996-2012 Worked in IT consultancy, multimedia design and web development, developing many websites for the private, UK government and voluntary sectors. For more details, please visit:
2012-24 Worked as a full-time software developer for Just Eat.
2021-present Started own Ambient & Chillout Techno record label - 'Exoplanetary Music' - with three CD releases so far.
1997-present Working on solo music production projects.